iceinperu (iceinperu) wrote,

Cavernas de Kiocta

I spent my last day around Chachapoyas visiting the Caverns of Kiocta near the town of Lamud.  A collectivo ride got me to Lamud where I hired a guide.  The guide to client ratio fantastic (two guides for just me), plus they were the cutest guides I´ve had in Peru.  We rode up to the caves, where we spent the next hour exploring.  The tour was entirely in Spanish, and I think I understood about 30-40% of it.  The echo and all the giggling didn´t help, but we managed to communicate and laugh (a lot).  The caves were used for ceremonial purposes, and one can see skulls and other bones in the caves.  They even took me behind a couple of the roped areas so we could see some of the sights not visible.  On the way out, we found some bats and we all laughed everytime my guides would jump as a bat flew overhead.  It was great to have the caves entirely to ourselves.  On the way out, the caretaker asked about American caves (fortunately in English) and for suggestions.  It was a great way to end my time here.  Tonight I take a night bus to Chiclayo then in a few days it´s on to Lima.


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