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The Rest of the Story

I'm back in Seattle now looking for an apartment before I start my job.  I wanted to take a little time to bring you up to speed on the last of my time in Peru.

Sunday morning (around 4 AM) I arrived back in Chiclayo.  I "slept" in the bus station for about three hours before I headed out to see some sights.  I had already seen the city (unimpressive), so I headed out to the ruins.  It was difficult to find the correct bus (everyone kept leading me in circles).  Eventually I gave up and hired a taxi.  The taxi took me to Sipan, where there are tombs of the Lord of Sipan.  These ruins were discovered in 1987 and heralded as the King Tut tomb of South America.  At the ruins, archaeologists have recreated the tomb. 
From Sipan and Chan Chan
At Sipan I found the correct bus back to Chiclayo and then took a second bus to Lambayeque, where there is a museum of all the treasures that were unearthed from the Lord of Sipan.  Here there was a lot of foreign money thrown at the project and the locals put together an amazing museum to display and protect the treasures from the tomb.  This museum was easily the best one I had seen in Peru.

The next morning I caught a bus to Trujillo and spent the afternoon touring cathedrals and rich people's homes.  The next morning I got up to visit Chan Chan and two other ruins, all of which were constructed out of mud mixed with other things to make it cure.  The structures were quite amazing as were the intricate designs built into the walls.

From Sipan and Chan Chan

From Sipan and Chan Chan

From Sipan and Chan Chan

After finishing up at the last site, I took a taxi 15 min to Huanchaco (a smaller coastal town).  In those 15 min I went from feeling fine to having a high fever and shivering violently.  I also had diarrhea.  I went into the hotel and straight to bed.  I couldn't sleep so I watched American TV (some dubbed some still in English).  Around 9:00 I got up to take a shower.  The hot water made me feel light headed and before I could do anything I passed out.

I decided at that point it was time to go to the hospital.  The guys at the hotel hailed me a taxi and I went back to Trujillo.  It was my first trip to the ER (ever), fortunately my Spanish and pantomiming were up to the task and the nurses were quite sweet.  They stitched up my lip and pumped me full of fluids and antibiotics.  By 4 PM the next day, they let me go and I was well enough to take the night bus to Lima. 

It was great to get back to Lima.  Angelo, the hostel owner, took good care of me over the next couple of days.  He even set up a dental appointment so my front teeth could be X-rayed (they aren't broken).  I spent the rest of the day at the Larco Museum, which is a large private pottery collection, including a gallery of erotic pottery from the Moche people.  My last day was spent shopping for a few last souvenirs.

Saturday I was up early to fly back to the US.  It felt like one disaster after another, but I eventually made it to Seattle (only 2 hours after I was supposed to).  One bag even made the trip.  Brian and Michelle were there to meet me and it was good to see them.  It was a great trip to Peru, but I'm glad to be back in Seattle.  I'm looking forward to my next adventure: teaching.


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