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North Twin Sister - West Ridge

I decided that the best way to feel like I was in Seattle again was to go into the Cascades. After getting back from Peru at 11 PM and packing, I was in bed at 1 AM. Almost 5 hours later, my alarm went off and I was on my way to climb the West Ridge of North Twin Sister along with Brian, Kris, Ian and Gary. After stopping for a quick breakfast, we made it to the road closure and started biking. Well, I mostly walked my bike up hill. Biking requires different muscles than climbing - ones I haven't used in a long time apparently. Brian lead us through the maze of logging roads to the trailhead after about 6 mi and 3000 ft of gain.

At the trailhead we rested before hiking up about 1000 more feet to the base of the West Ridge. Here the fun began. The west ridge is rated 3/4th class, which means that hands and feet are necessary. The rock quality was truely outstanding and our hands and feet stuck to everything. Plus there were jugs for holds just about everywhere we looked. This made up for the exposure once the ridge steepened below the summit block. The weather didn't cooperate, and we were in the clouds the most of the day (plus we got snowed on). The mountains really gave me the full "Welcome Home" experience. We summitted, still in the clouds, before heading back down.

The descent was straightforward, but when the clouds cleared, there was mild confusion as to whether we were on the correct ridge because we didn't recognize it now that we could see (turns out we were correct). Back to the bikes, we had about 0.5 hr ride back to the cars. For me, the first part was especially, uh, exciting. I haven't really done any biking, let alone mountain biking. I took it slow and made it back to the main forest roads.

It was a fun trip, with a great group. I can't believe I summited something within 24 hours of returning to Seattle. Awesome.

From North Twin

From North Twin

From North Twin

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